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Nail Services

Classic Manicure$15
Classic Pedicure$27
Pedi + Mani$38
Paraffin Treatment Hands$6
Our Paraffin Treatment is a deep conditioner for your skin. Moisturizer is gently massaged into your hands or feet, which are then dipped into therapeutic paraffin.
Paraffin Treatment Feet$8
Gel polishes come in many different brands, and we only use the best. It’s not the brand name that matters but the quality of the product. Manicures and pedicures using these products, (Gelish, Shellac, & OPI), will now simply be referred to as “Gel” services.
Gel Manicure$30
Cured with a UV lamp, gel polish is 100% dry when you walk out the door and can last up to 2 weeks or more without chipping or peeling. You can put your shoes back on right after, root around in your purse or whatever you like, without fear of a single ding or dent. Approximately 30 mins – 1 hour
Gel Pedicure$45
Acrylic Full Set$30
Acrylic Fill$20
Gell Full Set$35
Gel Fill$25
Pink & White Full Set$50
Pink & White Fill$40
Pink Fill$25
Silk Wrap Full Set$40
Silk Wrap Fill$25


Acrylic/Full Set Over Real Nails$30
Soak Off+$5
Sculptures Nails+$5
Gel Over Real Nails$35
Acrylic/Gel Remove$10
Remove Acrylic/Gel with Mani$20
Nail Fix/ Nail Art$5
Polish Change Hands$10
Polish Change Hands with French$12
Polish Change Feet$12
Polish Change Feet with French$15